CRC Food Co-op comes to an end

CRC Food Co-op comes to an end
November 6, 2012

James, Anne Marie, Doug

While food access, food security, and urban agriculture continue to be a main focus in the work of the CRC, the CRC Food Co-op has come to an ended after many years.

On October 31, 2012 two of our CRC Food Co-op volunteers made their last run to the Ontario Food Terminal in the west end of the city and another Food Co-op volunteer put the books to bed.

The CRC Food Co-op has been an integral part of the CRC and Wednesday mornings will always be remembered as CRC Food Co-op time. The success of the this program was only possible due to three long time dedicated volunteers – Anne Marie Hili, Chuck Grimbleby, and Doug Rice.

On Tuesday mornings Doug would come into the office and get the orders from our community partners. Then on Wednesday mornings Chuck and Doug headed off to the Ontario Food Terminal at 6 am!

Once CRC staffer James Kuhns put the paperwork in order, Anne Marie came into the office to generate the invoices that would ensure the CRC was paid for the produce that was purchased.

This group of amazing volunteers ensured that the CRC Food Co-op continued to run smoothly over many years and for this we, at the CRC, are very appreciative.

So a special thank you goes out to Anne Marie, Chuck, and Doug for their awesome commitment to the CRC and for all they did to support the CRC Food Coop program!

Even though the CRC Food Coop program is no longer running the CRC will continue to engage in food access and security activities through its Community Meal Program, its involvement with the Regent Park Food Partnership, and its collaboration with Community Food Centres Canada, so that it remains the Community Food Centre for Regent Park.

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