Community Meal Program Goes Outside

BBQ 2013On July 24 and again on August 21, the CRC Community Meal Program went outside on the front lawn of 40 Oaks to serve lunch. This was done to promote community building through a noon hour barbeque and to take advantage of the warm weather.

Over 300 people were served at each event.

“These barbeques are another chance to showcase our meal program”, comments Raymond Mallozzi, Community Meal Program Coordinator. “We make it a bit special by providing freshly grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, nutritious potato and noodle salads made in our own kitchen, and music to help create a festive atmosphere”.

“And we try to make it as inclusive as possible, by having it open to everyone, even providing halal meat”, Raymond adds.

“The barbeques are an opportunity to celebrate summer, to break with the routine of the everyday meals, and to chat with acquaintances that share common hardships”, observes Louis, a regular meal program participant. “And it is a good way to help forget the harsh conditions of winter and the constant quest for a warm place to get out of the intemperate and unsparing cold, and last, but not least, to have a nice meal that will keep everybody going for another day”.

Hosting barbeques takes extra energy and volunteer hours.

On each day more volunteers made themselves available to help out.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who served! And a special thank you to Equitable Bank, who provided 6 staff volunteers for each barbeque.

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