CRC Community Enterprises Program Launched

CRCOpenHouse1On a Wednesday afternoon on November 20, 2013, CRC’s newest initiative the CRC Community Enterprises Program was officially launched.

Greig Clark, former CRC Board Chair, and now the lead volunteer heading up the program welcomed the large group that showed up. He explained that, “The Community Enterprises Program (CEP) is a program of the CRC whose goal is to foster the development of social enterprises in Regent Park.”

“But our biggest need now is dedicated volunteers, with a strong entrepreneurial background, who can generously give of their time to help coach and incubate new businesses in Regent Park”.

CRCOpenHouse2Louise Moody, CRC Executive Director, then spoke about how the new Community Enterprises Program is a natural next step for CRC. “We have a housing program that gets people stabilized, a food program that gets them engaged in community, and now we have a program that will allow some to find steady paid work.”

The first social enterprise for CEP is Self-Reliance Solutions (SRS) headed up by Tom Murphy. With the help of CRC, SRS has been servicing clients and employing the residents of Regent Park for a number of years now.

Tom thanked CRC for its support, but particularly thanked and honored Carmel Hili, former CRC staffer, who gave Tom the initial encouragement and support he needed CRCOpenHouse3to get SRS off the ground. “If it wasn’t for Carmel, his wisdom and vision, and his patience, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Tom and the team at SRS are now in a position to grow the business, improve customer service, and increase employment in the neighbourhood.

After the speeches, people mingled, enjoyed great food and engaged in lively conversation.

Those interested in volunteering with CEP are encouraged to contact us at

CRCOpenHouse4CRC’s Community Enterprises Program operates out of CRC’s satellite office above The Paint Box Condo at 563 Dundas St. East.

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