CRC Clothing Program Celebrates One Year Anniversary!

Clothing Program 1 YearCRC’s Clothing Program re-opened its doors on October 30, 2012. In just one year it has had a significant impact!

There has been 1427 appointments and the program has given away: 455 coats, jackets and vests, 292 pairs of shoes, 794 pairs of pants, 404 pairs of underwear, 325 pairs of socks, 139 sets of sheets, 1,877 shirts, golf shirts and blouses, and 640 household items!

“The clothing program is the best I’ve ever been in. Even the room smells clean”, beams Cathy. “Everything is easy to find, and the staff and volunteers are very helpful. I love coming here to see what you have.”

The Clothing Program offers basic adult clothing and is open Tuesday and Thursday mornings as a men’s clothing store and Wednesday and Friday mornings as a women’s clothing store. Movable clothing racks of men’s and women’s items are brought in and out of the clothing room depending on the day.

56% of those that use the Clothing Program are men; 44% women.

Participants come in by appointment and are helped by volunteers and staff. They can take up to 6 items free of charge per month with annual limits of hard-to-source items like men’s jeans, winter coats, winter shoes, and bedding.

“Thank you for setting me up with pots and pans, bedding and new clothes after my unit had to be emptied because of bed bugs. I lost everything,” explains John. “Now I can go out with new jeans, underwear, socks, shoes, and a winter coat. You can face anything once you have the necessities. Thanks CRC.”

As part of the Clothing Program, CRC also offers a shower and laundry service. “I come to CRC every week to do my laundry and have a shower. They always treat me with respect, and have a clean towel and soap waiting for me”, remarks Raymond.

Donations of clothing come from faith communities, businesses, or individuals that hold clothing drives. Adult clothing and toiletries then get distributed to the Regent Park community.

The unsung heroes of the Clothing Program are the dedicated group of volunteers like Carolyn Clark, Donation Coordinator, also known as the ‘CRC Donations Queen’. “There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the smile on someone’s face when we match up what someone needs with what we have,” adds Carolyn.

If you would like volunteer with the Clothing Program, please contact Sonya Silva, Volunteer Coordinator at

CRC is always looking for casual clothing, socks, shoes, new or packaged men’s underwear, and winter coats. The program also takes toiletries for men and women, bedding (S/D/Q), basic kitchen necessities with or without plugs, and knapsacks and gym bags. The program does not take any children’s items or any furniture.

If you would like to donate new or gently used clothing, please contact Carolyn Clark at

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