Celebrating the harvest in Regent Park

Harvest Festival 2014 1As the weather cooled and the days turned shorter this October, gardeners from across Regent Park came together to share food and stories in celebration of another successful garden season.

Over 55 gardeners and their families gathered to eat in the Rogers Family Room at CRC, each bringing a dish to share with the group.

Harvest Festival 2014 2This year’s celebration included gardeners from CRC’s and Regent Park Community Health Centre’s allotment gardens; participants from our new resident garden outside our building at 40 Oak Street; and, gardeners and staff from partner agencies, who tend the communal garden in the park.

Dennis, a gardener from the Health Centre, kicked off the children’s activities with a song and a beautiful drawing of an oak tree that the kids helped to colour in.

Harvest Festival 2014 3The food that was served was delicious and dumplings, curries, noodles, veggies and samosas. This included new and familiar dishes like Mexican fritters made from garden “weeds”, homemade kimchi, and a dessert made of squash grown in the allotment garden.

Conversations in Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin and Bengali mixed through the room as everyone enjoyed their food. Gardeners answered fun questions to win prizes, with the room only quieting down to listen to a Chinese senior who stood up to share a Mandarin harvest song with the group.

All too soon the meal was over, and everyone pitched in to tidy up and pack off the leftovers.

The evening was a bittersweet end to the garden season – we’re glad for the food and the celebration, sorry that the planting time is over, but already we can’t wait for spring to come again.

October 2014


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