Valda Alleyne: Companion of CRC 2014

Recognition_64Valda is known affectionately at CRC as Grandma. She quietly and efficiently with no complaining or judging of others has become a favourite of many who come to CRC. She has mentored many of the young people in the Regent Park community, but seeks no recognition or thanks for her tireless efforts.

Although she has put in countless hours of volunteer time at CRC, she still has time and warmth for everyone – staff, volunteers, and participants.

Valda embodies the philosophy of helping people help themselves and is living proof of our CRC values – that we treat others as we would like to be treated, meaning that we welcome, value, and respect everyone.

Valda, because of your time, energy, and exemplary service to CRC we now admit you to the office of Companion of CRC.

Gold Oak Leaf for Companion of CRC v2 sm-CLEAR

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