Greig Clark: Companion of CRC 2014

Recognition_67CRC has become an integral part of Greig’s life and Greig’s life an integral part of CRC. As Board Chair, he volunteered countless hours – in fact it became his full time vocation. He brought sound governance, professional management, financial accountability, and great public profile to CRC, especially during the redevelopment of 40 Oaks.

CRC’s new building, 40 Oaks, would not have happened without some key individuals. One of those is Greig. His leadership at CRC proved that audacious projects can change the attitudes and spirit of a community. Greig’s faith prompted him to reach out and renew and deepen CRC’s relationship with the United Church of Canada. Through his professional and personal network, he greatly broadened the circle of CRC friends and supporters. And, Greig continues to be a volunteer and an ambassador for CRC, wearing this involvement proudly in every group he is in or a part of – be it the hockey dressing room or the corporate board table.

Greig, for your vision of what CRC might become, and your extraordinary ability to raise the profile of CRC in the wider community of decision makers and donors, we now admit you to the office of Companion of CRC.

Gold Oak Leaf for Companion of CRC v2 sm-CLEAR

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