John Deacon: Companion of CRC 2014

Recognition_70John has worked with love and dedication for CRC since he first began volunteering as a young teenager. He was a 16 year old from Rosedale when he decided to paint some houses on Bleeker Street for CRC. It was, he said, “his first exposure to the other side of the street” and he never forgot it. Later after embracing the evangelical church, he returned to CRC demonstrating an unrelenting passion for social justice rising from deep spirituality.

John has offered his extraordinary gifts of energy and time as a Board Member and as Chair of the CRC Honorary Board. He humanizes the homeless and puts a face on poverty while reminding the wealthy of their responsibility to be a good neighbour. Time and again John demonstrates that he can speak just as passionately about our responsibility to care for those living on the margins as he can gently lead a group singing with his guitar.

But John’s most remarkable gift is his ability to recognize and value the hidden – the homeless shivering in the cold, the shadow curled up in the corner, the awkward, shy participant starving for human connection and conversation. John is able to provide what so many who use our services need – simple friendship and a receptive listening ear. And the testament to this is that at CRC, participants call John by name and he does the same to them in return.

John, because of your unique contribution to CRC arising from your deep spirituality, and your close attention to individuals, we now admit you to the office of Companion of CRC.

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