Paul Dowling: Companion of CRC 2014

Recognition_71Paul helped CRC lay out its future plans in light of the redevelopment of Regent Park. He joined the Board, during a time of great uncertainty and change. It was a “homecoming” for Paul, having interned in Regent Park as a Social Work student 30 years before. Paul volunteered countless hours as Board Chair and later Chair of Development of the 40 Oaks Building.

CRC’s new building, 40 Oaks, would not have happened without some key individuals. One of those is Paul. Paul knew who to talk to – comfortable talking with politicians and government officials – and how to talk to them. As a housing expert, who knows the social service sector, Paul embodies a passion for social justice and so had a clear vision for CRC. And this, coupled with the fact that Paul is always hopeful, meant that he provided a well-grounded, steady presence when CRC rebuilt 40 Oaks. He envisioned an opportunity, within the massive community transformation happening in the Regent Park redevelopment plan, for housing people with mental illness or addictions in a place that was safe and clean, that came with supports, and that allowed people to begin to rebuild their lives.

Paul, because of your vision for CRC and your relentless ability to know which political and government officials to talk to, we now admit you to the office of Companion of CRC.

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