Carmel Hili: Companion of CRC 2014

Recognition_75In his 30 plus years on staff at CRC, Carmel’s connection to people regardless of their socio-economic status was real, compassionate, ever about their welfare and empowerment, sometimes at the expense of his own. During his time at CRC Carmel inspired us all and was a mainstay to its work. Carmel firmly believed CRC was there not on behalf of people, but rather to walk alongside people. He is an advocate who rarely speaks on behalf of the hurting; instead he elevates the hurting to speak on their own behalf.

Carmel is the quiet, always deferring, ever persevering social activist. He could be among all sorts of people, and yet at home with everyone, and yet a little awkward as all humble people are, making sure the place he assumes doesn’t crowd out others. Carmel makes space for others to flourish in. He listens deeply. He reflects deeply. He cares deeply. Carmel lives as though he is part of the irrepressible promise of something better regardless of how dark things get. At CRC he graciously shared a deep spirituality that was confounded by the indifference of those who ignore the poor, delighted with those who take up the cause of their neighbour, and ever scheming and fanning the flames of whatever venture meant that justice, peace, and love would prevail.

Carmel, for your long standing commitment to social justice and your accompaniment of people who needed to have their voices heard, we now admit you to the office of Companion of CRC.

Gold Oak Leaf for Companion of CRC v2 sm-CLEAR

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