Home and Hope

Impact 2015

40 Oaks Housing Community
Home and Hope

If what you are about to read seems guarded, you’re right. Even a diamond starts as coal. And I am a work in progress. Where does one start? Do I even remember my past and its progression up until the time I’m writing this down? I will try!

They say it’s the little things our memory holds onto, things like walking into not just a bank but different banks where the manager upon seeing my arrival would leave his office to greet me and gently remind me my sizeable account could be better put to use rather than just sitting on the amount. Fine hotels and restaurants where service was offered immediately and anything less required an apology. Fortunes made fortunes lost.

The next memory was of visiting St Michaels Hospital then to Casey House and making funeral arrangements for my youngest brother, while continuing to look after my sister in law until this came to an end. My mind went blank, my head spun around, I packed a small bag and woke up in a shelter.

At the shelter I worked for cash, deadened my existence through alcohol. After two years of this for some reason I sought out a housing worker. I moved into transitional housing. A few more years went by and the phone rang about an opportunity with CRC.

A bachelor apartment! A true door to close and open at my leisure. Naked or not naked; the choice was mine. But the transition for me was difficult. I’m a proud man; just enjoying a healthy meal through the meal program, even though I was hungry, was hard. Sharing some of my personal pain with well-trained caring staff including my own housing worker was unthinkable.

But as time passed I find myself on the Tenant’s Executive, I’ve written a few articles for the newsletter. Having the support of the CRC and its programs has led me to share with you some personal experiences about my continuing journey.

A journey that is far from completion, but that I now face with no fear and have fun making.

Mike Gliddon, 40 Oaks Tenant


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