Showing me the individual I am

Impact 2015

Community Gardens
Showing me the individual I am

I started as a gardener at CRC ten years ago and it was a great experience.

I would go to meetings for gardening projects and that is where I met Ashrafi. She encouraged me to get involved with CRC even more. I started to volunteer in the kitchen as a kitchen helper.

The environment is a great place to be and I enjoy every minute I spend there, whether it be in CRC programs or when I volunteer. For a woman with children that are now in their teens, I have a lot of time on my hand and helping in the kitchen helps keep my mind fresh.

CRC helped me with socializing more and helped me to give back to my community. Helping in the kitchen taught me many things that I didn’t know before – I have taken a food-handling course and I have learned a lot about how to work in a kitchen environment.

Through CRC I have met and made many friends who I am very grateful for. CRC is very important to me since it has taught me so much; not just about how to work in a kitchen as a helper but also showed me what type of individual I am and what my capabilities are.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a great organization. I encourage my friends to volunteer at CRC because it is a joyful place to work. I would want to continue to be a part of CRC in the future.

CRC has showed and given me everything it promises when it says it is about “building lives, creating community, together.”

Begum, Community Gardener


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