Walking together towards success

Impact 2015

Community Advocacy
Walking together towards success

It was not easy for Asmaul to come to CRC at first; her self-esteem was so low that she felt that she had no capacity to do anything, despite her educational background.

Asmaul is a stay-at-home mom with four children. She came to Canada 15 years ago from Bangladesh and has lived in Regent Park all of that time.

When she first came to the Advocacy Office to meet Nadira, CRC Community Advocate, she was very upset and frustrated. Her children were going to school full-time and she wanted to do something with her time to make money, however she didn’t know what to do and didn’t think she could do anything.

At 34, she thought her life was now finished and that her only choice was to stay at home and do nothing.

Nadira talked with her and gave examples of women from their community who were successful both in their family and professional life. Still, Asmaul was hesitant, and it took some convincing by Nadira for her to agree to try to start something.

Prior to coming to the Advocacy Office, Asmaul had completed a home-based childcare certificate through Mothercraft. Nadira helped her see that she could use that certificate to start her own home-based childcare business. Nadira provided all of the support and information Asmaul needed, making phone calls to different agencies and helping her complete a police clearance check. When it came time for her home to be assessed, Nadira also gave her the emotional support she needed to go through with starting the business.

Now Asmaul provides care for three children currently and is looking to take in two more. She is very happy and confident and looks forward to growing her business.

She says that she is “very thankful to Nadira, CRC and the Regent Park Community Food Centre, and our Community Advocacy Office forever.”


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