Healthy Creativity

Impact 2015

Food Skills
Healthy Creativity

Peter is an older gentleman who comes to the community kitchen at the CRC Regent Park Community Food Centre.

We were washing dishes one day and he said, “You know, I’ve been eating very healthy.”

He began to tell me how before he ate a lot of steak and pork chops, fried in a pan. Now, he tells me every time he goes to the grocery store he picks up an onion, a cucumber, and some lettuce. And, he names a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that make up the majority of his meals.

Now when I see Peter in the grocery store he proudly shows off what he’s buying and what he’s going to make.

In the community kitchens, Peter is known for creating his own little additions to our meal, combining our ingredients, and experimenting with a variety of spices.

Not only has our community kitchen programming helped Peter enjoy a variety of healthy foods, which he can now cook at home, it has also unleashed in him his creativity and has allowed him to experiment with food in new and delicious ways!

Emily McKenzie, Food Skills Coordinator


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