Contributing to well-being

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Contributing to well-being

Monty has been a participant at CRC for over 10 years, ever since he moved into Regent Park. He has used the drop- in, meal, clothing, and laundry programs.

“I enjoy CRC and its new space and the people very much and am particularly happy with the housing staff that have helped me out a great deal over the years. Michelle Brown in particular has played a major part in my well-being and I am very thankful for her help.”

In the past when Monty struggled with financial issues, CRC was always there for him with a meal, TTC tokens for appointments, or as a safe place to connect with others.

“Before CRC, it wasn’t so easy to get along; I used other services that weren’t as good as CRC. I wish more people knew about CRC and the resources that it offers. It would make their lives much easier.”

CRC has also been a stabilizing presence for Monty during the revitalization in Regent Park. Although there has been much upheaval, the change has been for the better. Today, according to Monty, there are fewer drug dealings and gangs. There is a new swimming pool and state-of-the-art new buildings, and soon there will also be a new soccer and cricket field.

“I am proud to be a part of all the new things that are happening in Regent Park and at the centre nowadays,” he beams. “Regent Park will be the place to be in the next twenty years.”

Monty is now doing his part in the neighbourhood to help build lives and create community by volunteering at CRC. He loves that he is doing it together with others.

Just recently Monty was hired by CRC as a Relief Cleaner. He can now be seen cleaning tables, washing floors, or helping out in the drop-in when needed.

“My new job made me very happy. I thank Phil Nazar for giving me a chance and I thank Michelle Brown for being my rock here at CRC.”

Violet Halliday, Drop-In Support Worker


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