Rebuild and stabilize

Impact 2015

Housing Support
Rebuild and stabilize

Each day Rosie had to carry her walker up the staircase to her apartment.

Rosie has mobility issues and the Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) building she lived in did not have an elevator.

When Rosie’s apartment became infested her life became more difficult. It hampered her ability to volunteer and give back at CRC, and she was no longer her cheerful self.

She was embarrassed and ashamed to admit her place was bug-ridden and afraid to let anyone in.

But because of her long-standing relationship with CRC, Rosie allowed staff to come into her home and clean out her unit. Much of what she owned had to be thrown out.

Even though her place was now pest free, CRC staff felt that Rosie shouldn’t live in a unit that she struggled to get into. They met with TCHC and had her switched into a more accessible unit on the first floor within a week. CRC arranged to get her furniture, a new bed, and made her new apartment liveable prior to her moving in.

After she had been relocated, there was noticeable change in her attitude. Rosie’s old unit had good memories, but it was making her life miserable.

In her new apartment, she now gets the rest she needs at night, with uninterrupted sleep, and she is feeling relaxed in her new home. She is thrilled she is still able to live in the community that she has known most of her life.

She has thanked CRC over and over again for what we were able to do for her – to give her a new outlook on life and to be healthy again.

Rosie is happy and her smile has returned.

Michelle Brown, Housing Support Worker


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