Meaningful and long-lasting involvement

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Park Coordination
Meaningful and long-lasting involvement

Brendan and Lisha moved into Regent Park a few years ago.

They were attracted to the amount of green space nearby, which includes the Don Valley, bike trails, and Riverdale Park. They loved the fact that the condo they moved into was built to a LEED Gold Standard and that it would be more environmentally sustainable than the average condo.

Brendan works in academic administration at the University of Toronto and Lisha works as an administrator and researcher at the T Centre for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety.

They joined Friends of Regent Park in August 2014.

Brendan and Lisha wanted to become involved in Regent Park in a much more meaningful and long-lasting way than only going to community meetings and consultations. Since Brendan has a background and interest in urban agriculture and green spaces, he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to help and advocate for green spaces in the future phases of the Regent Park revitalization. Lisha felt like it was important to meet and be involved with the existing community to help build social cohesion.

Through Friends of Regent Park and the work of the Park Coordination Program at CRC, Brendan and Lisha have been able learn more about the history of neighbourhood. Longer time Regent Park residents, who also participate in Friends of Regent Park, have inspired the couple to become more engaged with the community.

In the last year Brenda and Lisha have helped Friends of Regent Park with event planning around the Winterfest and the Toronto Park People’s 5th Annual Summit.

Brendan and Lisha are really happy with how much the group has achieved since its inception less than a year ago and look forward to participating in more Regent Park community-building activities.

By Zahrah Munas, Park Coordinator


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