184 River Allotment Garden gets a redo

In preparation for the planting season, CRC’s allotment garden at 184 River Street got a redo in two parts.

The first happened on Friday May 8th, when 18 students from St. Michaels Boys School help clean up and clear out the garden area. They had fun, gained some gardening experience, and were introduced to the Regent Park community.


The second part happened on Saturday May 9th, when a group from Team Foundation of the True North Men’s Organization, led by Scott Bell, helped rebuild the garden by constructing 34 wooden borders to mark out each allotment space. They were joined throughout the day by neighbours passing by who were more than willing to lend a hand.


This spirit of cooperation was most evident when partway through the building of the wood frames the generator stopped working. Despite this set back, the work continued when the Don Valley Resource Centre came forward and allowed the CRC volunteers to borrow some of their electricity.

And although both days of the rebuild were tiring, everyone who participated was re-energized by all the good they accomplished.

The garden redo was planned and supervised by Jann Ashley, our fantastic volunteer garden and landscape designer, and Ashrafi Ahmed, CRC’s Community Gardens Coordinator.

On Friday afternoon, May 22, the 184 River Allotment Garden was officially re-opened with a group of happy community gardeners, who will use their allotment spaces to cultivate fresh, healthy vegetables.

Throughout this year’s growing season, 34 families in Regent Park will benefit from raising produce for themselves.



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