Celebrating CRC’s Volunteers at the 2015 Ontario Volunteer Service Awards

Ontario Volunteer Service Awards - June 17 (1)Six of CRC’s volunteers recently received the Ontario Volunteer Service Award.

This award recognizes individuals for their longstanding commitment and service of at least five continuous years to an individual organization.

While CRC is fortunate to have many volunteers who qualify, we were limited to nominating six individuals.

Ontario Volunteer Service Awards - June 17 (29)We are excited that the following individuals received an award this year:
• Neil Clarke, 5 years
• Lloyd Pike, 5 years
• Valda Alleyne, 15 years
• Rosie Mansell, 15 years
• Charles (Chuck) Grimbleby, 20 years
• Gus LaMantia, 20 years

The award ceremony was held on the evening of Wednesday, June 17th at the Isabel Bader Theatre at the University of Toronto.

Everyone got dressed up for the night, and each volunteer was called up on stage and presented with a trillium pin and certificate.

When Lloyd Pike received his invitation to the ceremony, he made sure to clear his schedule. “I was surprised, because I didn’t know I was being nominated. I really appreciated it and felt excited about the event and to tell my friends about it.”

His next step was to search for a suit he could wear to the ceremony.

“I didn’t really know what I was supposed to wear so I went down to the clothing program at CRC and asked the volunteers there for a suit, dress shirt, tie, and pair of shoes. When you don’t have anything to wear, you’re wondering what to do next. I wanted to look nice because I really felt that it was important to put my best foot forward to represent the organization.”

When Lloyd arrived, volunteers Leslie Myers and Carolyn Clark went straight to work to pull together an outfit for Lloyd. Lloyd described how the volunteers took care of him and made sure that he got everything he needed.

“One of them even went to get it hemmed up for me, and then we took some pictures when I returned the week after to try it on. I couldn’t believe how good I looked in a suit! I’m really grateful that it worked out for me, as I would have felt out of place otherwise. Now I have my trillium pin on my suit, and can get dressed up for church and other functions.”

Thank you so much to Lloyd, Neil, Valda, Rosie, Chuck, and Gus for your service to CRC.

Congratulations on your well-deserved award!


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