Harvest Festival 2015 – Food, Fellowship, and Fun

2015 Harvet Festival 2Each year as the weather starts to cool, CRC celebrates the start of the fall season with a Harvest Festival.

And this year there much to celebrate for all the people who participate in our our gardening programs.

76 families benefited from growing healthy food at three allotment gardens at 259 Sumach, 184 River, and 295 Gerrard. Another 30 families were able to grow fresh produce at communal gardens at 40 Oaks and in the Big Park. The communal garden in the Big Park is a partnership between CRC and 15 partner agencies.
2015 Harvet Festival 1
At this year’s festival, CRC did something different. We made it bigger and better, and involved more of the community.

There were lots of fun activities for a variety of ages, including the pie eating contest which proved to be one of the main attractions. Approximately 300 community members, gardeners, and volunteers enjoyed great food, warm fellowship, and lots of fun.

All of Regent Park was invited to join us, including all our partner agencies to celebrate the bountiful harvest.
2015 Harvet Festival 3
Evergreen taught a pickling workshop. Green Belt donated two baskets full of deliciously ripe apples to make sweet candy apple treats. And the Salvation Army hosted a strawberry jam making station. All these additions to the festival proved to be a big success.

Thank you to the Daniel’s Corporation, the Regent Park Health Centre, and Linda McQuaig and her volunteers for their enthusiastic support.

Special thanks also goes to the CRC Regent Park Food Centre gardeners for cooking such delicious food for all those who attended the festival.

By Ashrafi Ahmed, Community Gardens Coordinator


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