Thank You for Your Support in 2015!

Serving Food at Harvest Festival
With 2016 fast approaching, we’d like to bring 2015 to a close by thanking each and every one of you for your amazing support!

Here is what YOU helped CRC accomplish in the past year:

  • 62,000 healthy breakfasts and lunches have been served in our meal program.
  • $9670 worth of food was purchased from local farmers to serve in our meal program. That’s over 1,500 lbs of healthy, local food!
  • 3,488 visits were made to our clothing program to acquire basic clothing items or make use of our showers and laundry services. Average daily visits are 80% greater than comparable period last year.
  • 2,768 people attended our 4 seasonal events in the park, where they shared food and met their neighbours.
  • 1,500 meals were served at Taste of Regent Park, bringing back $2,500 to Regent Park local caterers who are learning the ropes of running small businesses.
  • There were 579 visits to our knitting classes.
  • 200 volunteers at CRC contributed 29,428 hours of volunteer time over the past year (which if valued at a modest $10 an hour contributed $294,280 to the organization).
  • 110 meals were prepared and enjoyed at our Seniors Community Kitchens.
  • 110 people continue to live in stable, deeply affordable housing that CRC provides at 40 Oaks and at our rooming house.
  • Over 50 youth from local summer camps visited our programs this summer, where they toured the garden and learned new food skills!

None of this could have been possible without the support of the community, our volunteers, and our donors! We are extremely grateful, and we look forward to making 2016 an even better year with you!

Thank you!

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