Celebrating Black History

Chef Norberto and Chef Onu Obi Celebrate Black History MonthAs part of our multicultural celebrations throughout the year, CRC and the Regent Park Community Food Centre’s Diversity Committee set out to celebrate Black History Month by turning Thursday lunches at our community meal program into a culinary exploration of black cultures.

Since we wanted this celebration to be as diverse as the Regent Park community, our Chef Norberto Cáceres started the month with dishes from West Africa such as Yam and Peanut Soup from Ghana and a traditional chicken stew from Nigeria.

For our second week we flew across the ocean to cook some Caribbean staples such as jerk chicken, rice and peas and curried coconut and pumpkin soup.

On the third Thursday we decided to bring in a friend, Chef Onu Obi, who grew up just a few blocks away from CRC and the Regent Park Community Food Centre and volunteered his time to cook up a meal with passion and fusion – hints of Africa and pinches of the Caribbean. Our participants really enjoyed the treat.

After the meal participants joined us for a showing of the film Invisible City, which was graciously lent to us by the Regent Park Film Festival.

Invisible City PosterInvisible City is a moving story of two boys from Regent Park crossing into adulthood – their mothers and mentors rooting for them to succeed; their environment and social pressures tempting them to make poor choices.” – NFB.

From the captivated faces of the audience, you could tell that this film really resonated with our participants. The stories of the two boys, traced from middle school to grade 12, were familiar in both their tribulations and their triumphs.

The footage also showed many nostalgic places, including the old CRC building!

Join us for the last Thursday of the month, where we plan to incorporate Mardi Gras into our Black History Month Celebrations. Our Community Chef is already spicing up the air with some gumbo soup, jambalaya and corn bread coming your way!

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