Sweet Solutions

Sweet SolutionsEarlier in the year CRC was approached by Chloe, an enthusiastic high school student who was taking on the challenge of starting a Junior Achievement Company with her peers.

Junior Achievement is a youth program that helps teach financial literacy, entrepreneurship and work readiness skills, through the creation of small, short-term start-up businesses. These businesses are run entirely by the students, supported by volunteer mentors – no easy task!

The project that Chloe and her team were undertaking was called Sweet Solutions, a company selling premeasured jars of dry ingredients, to make baking easy and fun!

While selling delicious jars of brownie and cookie mix was sure to make a few tummies happy, the Sweet Solutions team wanted to double the impact of their Junior Achievement experience by donating a percentage of their proceeds to a worthy cause.

CRC is proud to be the organization they chose to support. A portion of the proceeds from all Sweet Solutions sales will go towards supporting CRC’s programming.

The Sweet Solutions motto clearly reflects their commitment: “Sweet Solutions evokes the comfort and warmth of homemade desserts made with professionalism and student ambition, striving to make a difference one jar at a time!”

Thanks to all the wonderful members of the Sweet Solutions team!

Check out Sweet Solutions on Twitter and Instagram at @SweetSolutionJA.



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