CRC Visits Bronte Creek

Bronte Creek 4Did you know that March is Maple Month?

To honour everything maple, 45 participants and 5 staff boarded a yellow school bus for a one-hour drive to Oakville.

Our destination: the Bronte Creek Provincial Park for the Annual Maple Syrup Festival.

It was a cold day with snowy and rainy weather. Thankfully, there were a few sources of warmth that came in the form of fire pit stops along the way.

Bronte Creek 2Nonetheless, everyone had a great time learning about the maple syrup making process. There was even a demonstration that showed exactly how the sap is extracted from the maple tree. And our participants tasted a delicious maple taffy on a stick that was made on the spot.

Everyone also had a great time visiting and petting the cows and pigs at the farm.

But the highlight of the visit was travelling to the Pancake House on a wagon, pulled by a tractor, where we all enjoyed tasty, warm, pancakes with fresh maple syrup for lunch.

The trip to Bronte Creek was another opportunity for our participants to deepen their connections with each other, to learn new things, and to connect with resources outside of Regent Park; something that is hard to do when you live on a low-income.

And, it was just a nice treat for all of us – a great way to spend a Wednesday afternoon outside of the city!

Our trip was sponsored by a corporate donor. Thank you!

Bronte Creek 1

Bronte Creek 3

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