The next class of Community Action Training graduates!

Community Action Training pic smOn June 13, the CRC Regent Park Community Food Centre celebrated the newest round of 14 graduates from our Community Action Training Program.

This is the second time we have offered this program and it is proving to be both popular and highly appreciated.

“Thank you so much for taking a chance on me,” one of the attendees told us. “Because of you, I feel like I can really make a difference and that is priceless.”

The Community Action Training program is a 12-week capacity building workshop series for community members in Regent Park with lived experience of systems such as social assistance, mental health, or criminal justice who want to become better advocates for themselves and for the community.

The training took place on Mondays from March 14 to June 13.

Half of the training modules are focused on building skills such as cultural sensitivity, conflict resolution and communication, becoming a social change agent, professional boundaries, and self care.

The other half of the modules focus on local community resources such as landlord and tenant board issues, legal issues, OW/ODSP, and mental health and wellness.

Overall, the graduates felt the training modules were useful and expressed that they learned a variety of new skills. Some reported back that they have already had the opportunity to utilize their skills in their everyday lives to help others.

“Participants told me multiple times how much they liked the training, how useful, and how important it was,” remarked Justine Barone, Community Advocacy Coordinator. “And, how they valued the space and opportunity to have this experience.”

The final training day was one of pizza and fond farewells.

Although the training has officially come to an end, the impact of what was learned continues to have energy. Graduates from the training are able to apply for one of our Community Advocate positions and support their peers through our Advocacy Office Program. Some of the members of the group plan to continue to meet to further develop their skills and take action in the community.


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