My safe place in the community where I truly feel welcome

Impact 2015

Drop-In Program
My safe place in the community where I truly feel welcome 

“Betsy” had a very troubled and turbulent childhood.

It followed her into her teen years and then into her adult life. When she moved from the east coast to Toronto, Betsy’s troubles continued after she began dating a man who became violent.

After Betsy found the courage to leave her boyfriend, she found a place in Regent Park.

Unfamiliar with the area, Betsy soon discovered CRC.

It was here at CRC’s Drop-In that she finally found a safe space and place where she could build up her self-esteem. It happened slowly through conversation with other participants and with staff. Eventually, she, began to feel like she had become a part of a community, something she had always longed for.

When CRC moved into its new building – 40 Oaks – Betsy became an even more of a vital part of the community. She accessed help with housing through CRC’s Housing Workers and she made use of other CRC services such as: clothing and laundry, the community meal program, and the literacy program, which was a major help to Betsy. She had spent much of her life unable to read and write.

Today, Betsy continues to access CRC. She visits the Drop-In almost every day. When asked how CRC has helped her over the years, she quickly replies, “CRC has been more then just a place for services for me. It has become almost my second home.”

With a big smile she continues, “The staff have been an incredible help to me and have really helped me through many difficult times in my life. CRC has become my safe place, and a place in the community where I truly feel welcomed and able to be myself without judgement.”

By Violet Halliday, Drop-In Support Worker

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