More than a roof over his head

Impact 2015

40 Oaks Housing Community
More than a roof over his headAfter waiting for more than 10 years on the list for social housing, “Albert” was offered an apartment in CRC’s 40 Oaks Housing Community.That was almost 5 years ago.

Today, he speaks with enthusiasm and gratitude about his relationship with CRC and the Regent Park community. “I feel accepted here. There is no racial dominance or discrimination and everyone takes care of each other so well.”

CRC housing has provided Albert with much more than a roof over his head. It gives him a comfortable space, a loving community, great care, better health, volunteer opportunities, a sense of belonging, the possibility of connecting with his own culture, and many things to do in his free time.

CRC’s community meal program has also had an impact on Albert, especially his health.

“I already had diabetes before coming to CRC. Being here, eating the healthy food CRC serves, helped me to treat my disease. I lost 25 pounds and now both my diabetes and my high blood pressure are under control. Now I can touch my toes, climb the stairs better, and walk long distances.”

The food provided by CRC also helps him to save money so he can travel to see his family. “I pay them back because I volunteer with CRC. I cut veggies for the kitchen and I help to serve breakfast and lunch.”

Albert is very proud to be part of the CRC community. He loves having his friends visit him at 40 Oaks and often takes them to visit CRC’s Drop-In, which he sees as an extension of his home.

Being part of CRC, has helped Albert be connected and involved. He has gone on day trips organized by the Drop-In staff and regularly participates in the Drop-In’s Games Club. Just recently, Albert was thrilled to connect with a family doctor who speaks his native language.

As an outgoing and friendly person he feels perfectly placed in a multicultural neighbourhood like Regent Park, where he gets to connect with people from his own culture and learn about other people’s cultures as well.

By Natalie Illanes Nogueira, Tenant Support and Engagement Coordinator

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