CRC took care of me

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Housing Support Program
CRC took care of me

“Frank” has been accessing CRC’s services for about 20 years now.

He was born and raised in Regent Park. “CRC was the place to go to my mother told me if I’m ever down and out. They will welcome me and not judge me as they understand the struggles of living in poverty.”

After Frank’s mother died 15 years ago he had no place to go. He would eat lunch at CRC, but he was either couch surfing or sleeping on the streets. His world was falling apart.

But he remembered his mother’s advice.

CRC helped him with housing. He moved into one of CRC’s rooming houses for two years, but then was incarcerated. After his release, he lived at another CRC rooming house.

CRC asked him to do some minor paint jobs. “Before I knew it I was working and feeling good about myself. I was on a wait list for affordable housing and within a year I moved from the rooming house into Toronto Community Housing (TCHC). CRC really helped me change my life.”

Frank continued to visit CRC from time-to-time to connect with old friends and have a meal.

Two years ago he was facing eviction when he met Michelle, CRC Housing Support Worker. Michelle was able to help him keep his housing. She connected with TCHC staff, wrote letters, made phone calls, and scheduled a meeting to discuss issues surrounding Frank’s housing.

“She was able to have me relocated to another unit that was a lot safer than the one I was living in. My new location is secure, clean and has decreased the anxiety I was experiencing living in an unsafe place.”

“My mother was so right… as mothers usually are. CRC took care of me.”

“The staff are really caring and dedicated individuals that treat you with respect. “

“I thank CRC for helping me to keep things together, being there for people, not judging, and providing basic necessities to those who need them.”

“Now, whenever I hear of a person who is in crisis, I send them to CRC.”

By Michelle Brown, Housing Support Worker

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