Celebrating CRC’s Sweetest Volunteers

We honoured our long-term volunteers who have reached five and ten year milestones in their service at CRC, along with our amazing Corporate Teams and Community Groups.






Pictured: Claire Barcik, Executive Director of CRC, John Deacon, Member of the Companions of CRC and Mary Morison, CRC Board Member invest Michael Blair to the Companions of CRC

All of our volunteers were recognized with a variety of Candy Awards in accordance with the sweet, unique traits they bring to their work:

  • Pastry Award – for those who arrive extra early
  • Blueberry Award – for those who build strong relationships
  • Peppermint Award – for those who always rise to the occasion
  • Raspberry Award – for those who overcome obstacles with grace
  • Coconut Award – for the flexible problem-solvers
  • Gummi Bear Award – for those who bring special skills
  • Rocket Award – for those who jump into action
  • Pop Rocks Award – for those who make others smile
  • Gobstopper Award – for those who stay until the very end

It was also our pleasure to announce that Terry Kavanagh, who brings much musical talent to the CRC community, has received the 2018 Volunteer Toronto Legacy Award! This marks the third year in a row that a CRC volunteer has received this prestigious award.

The evening further included the Investiture of CRC’s third group of Companions. The Companions of CRC was established in 2014 to acknowledge those whose extraordinary gifts of time, money or expertise have made a significant difference to the work of CRC. The newly invested Companions are Michael Blair, Debra Dineen, Linda Spears, Rosie Manselle, and Carolyn Clark.


Pictured: Companions of CRC John Deacon and Jannie Mills with
Staff Emcee Judy White, Director of Development of CRC

This event was also extra special because it marked the inaugural year for the Reverend Douglas Varey Volunteer Innovation Award, which was established in memory and honour of Reverend Douglas, a steadfast champion of the community and long time supporter of CRC. The first-ever recipients – Janet Logan and Marcus Grant – have demonstrated an incredible innovative spirit and commitment to the mission of CRC.


Pictured: Recipients of the inaugural Reverend Douglas Varey Volunteer Innovation Award Janet Logan and Marcus Grant with award presenter Lynn Brennan and Claire Barcik, CRC’s Executive Director

Marcus wrote after the event:

“Volunteering at CRC is collaboration. And we’re only successful because of a perfect storm of talented, smart and engaged staff, placement students, and fellow volunteers…. Right now I feel pretty blessed to be part of such a great community of awesome dogooders. “

CRC is deeply thankful to all of our volunteers. We can not do the work we do without you!

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So have you heard about the Top 5 Ways You Know you’re a dedicated CRC Volunteer?

#5       On a regular basis, your significant other looks at you in the morning and says, “Guess I’m eating alone.  Serving breakfast again?”
#4       Friends call or text you regularly and say things like, “I’ve dropped off a huge bag of clothing and used kitchen items on your front porch last night.”
#3       If you’re single and you meet a nice woman or man at a coffee shop, and he or she asks what you do in your spare time, by the time you come up for air after talking about your amazing volunteer work at the CRC— said nice woman or man has vanished.
#2       You go to your 20th high school reunion and your old friends say, “Wow, you look so young and awesome,” and you know it’s because you rock volunteering at the CRC.
#1       At night when you go to sleep, you know in your heart that—whatever evils and problems afflict this world—you are making it a better place. You are the reason we can all have faith in the human spirit.