Companion of CRC 2016: Debra Dineen

DSC_0514_editedDebra Dineen blazed a trail as the Executive Director at CRC. She was the first woman, the first non-ordained person and the first community member to hold the post. As a long-time member of the Regent Park Community, Debra knew the neighbourhood well and knew how CRC with its unique character, could respond to the changing and growing needs of the community.

Debra inherited the dream and initial plans of building 40 Oaks. One of her main tasks was to work with others to make that dream a reality. She oversaw the transition from a small and vibrant grassroots agency to a larger still vibrant and more diverse multi-service agency.

Debra also shared the vision that CRC could be a site in Regent Park where food was a social convenor for the diversifying community that was going to be the new Regent Park. This shared vision led to the partnership that created the Regent Park Community Food Centre housed at 40 Oaks.

Debra was Executive Director for 4 ½ years, and she cared deeply for CRC in her leadership role because she cared for her community and her neighbours. In her time at CRC she saw the vision for CRC borne out in building lives and creating community together.


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