Companion of CRC 2016: Michael Blair

Michael Blair is an inspiration to many. Following the tenure of the founding Executive Director, Michael became the new ED and re-acquainted CRC with its historical church partners and started to spread the news of CRC throughout the church. Michael re-inserted CRC in larger church conversations.

Michael, with the newly invigorated Board, helped to lead the conversation in how and if CRC would stay in Regent Park. When the decision was made to stay, Michael’s gift of making connections allowed him to gather stakeholders to envision 40 Oaks – a place to live, a place to gather, a place to create community. Michael acted as a visionary, and worked with others to ensure that this vision was kept alive after his departure.

In tandem with his work at CRC was the conversation of how the United Church should respond to the burgeoning West Don Area with the influx of tens of thousands of people. With Michael’s vision and passion, West Don Area Ministry was born, a project funded by the United Church and still thriving now as Regent Park Community Ministry.

Michael’s impact was huge in tapping into what CRC as a church agency, a ministry, could possibly dream of doing in the midst of deep urban poverty and massive change in the community.

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