Companion of CRC 2016: Carolyn Clark

Carolyn Clark has been a key volunteer Force of Nature at the CRC for the past 11 years.

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Pictured here are Companion of CRC John Deacon presenting Carolyn Clark with her Companion of CRC certificate, with husband Greig Clark, also a Companion of CRC, looking on.

Carolyn has held many roles at CRC, from Honorary Board member to founding the Clothing Program, to fundraiser, administrative support, volunteer recruiter extraordinaire, to providing much valued ongoing financial assistance. To these many roles she has brought an abundance of personal qualities including empathy, compassion, outstanding organizational and communication skills, energy, dedication, and a sense of humour.

For many years, Carolyn would drive her van all over the GTA to pick up and deliver all sorts of household items and furniture, first for people with temporary housing, and later the completed residence at 40 Oaks. When the new building went up, Carolyn asked for space for what grew into our now vibrant, well-run Clothing Program, for which she is a passionate volunteer, supporter and advocate.

Carolyn treats everyone with kindness and courtesy. This applies to her patience with new volunteers whom she may be training in the Clothing program, as well as clients. She emails from her home to any potential contacts a List of Items Needed by the Clothing Program or individuals, such as a special appliance or piece of furniture, and doesn’t quit until the need is met.

Carolyn’s dedication to CRC is admirable. Her volunteer work at CRC is a priority for her. She works to create a welcoming environment in the Clothing Room and is dedicated to meeting the needs of CRC participants.

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