Fred Victor and CRC have amalgamated to improve services to those most in need.

The amalgamation of our two organizations formally came into effect on January 1, 2020. Our goal of coming together is to sustain and grow what both organizations have been so successful in building.


Programs and Services: All existing programs and services will continue without interruption, and over time and the coming months, the Integration Team will work towards enhancing and coordinating services to best meet community needs.

The integration of our high-impact programs and services, including affordable and supported housing programs, high-impact food security programs, skill building, employment, drop-in and community development programs will create broader and deeper supports for the people who use our services. We believe that, by working together, programs can be enhanced, services can be delivered more efficiently, and advocacy for people living with poverty can be strengthened.

CRC’S Legacy: You will begin to see changes in our appearance, such as on our website and social media channels. As we integrate these platforms, we will honour CRC’s history and impact in the community. In the coming months, you will be redirected to the Fred Victor website to access information about all Fred Victor programs and services, including those at our CRC location.

CRC Donations: CRC at Fred Victor will continue to rely on donations to support our services, strengthen our community, and to build a sustainable future for the people in Regent Park and the downtown east experiencing barriers. Donors can continue to donate to CRC programs and services at Fred Victor, and we will adopt Fred Victor’s Charitable Registration Number and receipting process. Donations designated for CRC programs will continue to be allocated as per the donor’s wishes.


Fred Victor is a multi-service organization and registered charity, helping 2,000 people a day to find place and purpose. Fred Victor works with individuals and families across 20 Toronto sites, now also including CRC at 40 Oak Street.

Fred Victor’s priority programs include supportive and transitional housing, shelter, health and mental health services, employment, training and job placement, 24-hour Drop-In programs, food access, food skills programs, and community economic development initiatives such as Friends Catering, Friends Restaurant, Women’s Bakery and Taste of Regent Park.

CRC has served Regent Park and the downtown east for over 50 years, working with low-income community members and families facing barriers to help them build capacity to change situations and conditions for the better. The CRC building at 40 Oak Street has a 5,000 square foot community hub where we provide free healthy delicious community meals, housing supports, drop-in programs and our Regent Park Community Food Centre’s food skills, gardening, culinary skills training, advocacy, and community social development programs, and our weekly Taste of Regent Park summer food festival. CRC’s innovative housing model, 40 Oaks, provides 100 tenants with supported, affordable housing and access to wrap-around services.


Keith Hambly became Fred Victor’s CEO on December 9, 2019. He previously held the position of Vice President of Programs and Services at Fred Victor.

Keith brings over 25 years of experience in programming and leadership within the homelessness sector. The new position will provide a platform for Keith to continue sharing his expertise in the areas of government relations and public policy, shelter and housing development and management, and program/service quality improvement, among others.

Prior to joining Fred Victor as our VP of Programs and Services, Keith was the Executive Director at Fife House, where he managed a successful Capital Housing Campaign for people with HIV/AIDS. During his time at Fred Victor, Keith developed and was the lead on two unique programs: our Bethlehem United Shelter, the first shelter dedicated to the trans population, couples and people with pets; and Mary Sheffield House, a unique transitional housing program for senior women.

Keith has shown his dedication to staff, supporters and community members – and will no doubt uphold the values that have driven Fred Victor’s work for the past 125 years. A commitment to improving the health, income and housing stability of people experiencing poverty and homelessness. Keith’s leadership will be invaluable as we move forward in this new chapter of our history.


Why join together now?

Like CRC, Fred Victor is a community-based organization that serves individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness and living with poverty in Toronto. Our two organizations share a common vision in their commitment to impactful housing, food security, skill building, employment, and programming support. Together, we will improve and expand our services for our community.

Why does it make sense for these two specific organizations to integrate?

Fred Victor and CRC are leaders in services and housing in the downtown east with a combined 179 years of experience. Fred Victor and CRC are major providers of food programs, and we are also innovators in the food security and culinary training area with the Regent Park Community Food Centre, Women’s Bakery and Friends Catering.

Are you doing this to save money?

Although we will find efficiencies through amalgamation, this is not the primary reason for the amalgamation. Together, we can effectively enhance our programs by combining our services and expertise. Our goal is to provide additional, integrated and cost-effective solutions to the people we serve in Toronto.

What happens to CRC staff and volunteers?

All staff have continued positions within the amalgamated organization. CRC is now a Fred Victor location, with CRC staff bringing their expertise to the new organization. All volunteers are highly valued and will continue in their roles – the amalgamation may provide additional opportunities for volunteers.

How many employees will the new organization have?

With CRC’s 45 staff, Fred Victor now employs approximately 395 staff.

For further inquiries, please contact:

Judy White, Director of Development, CRC, 416-363-4234 ext. 238,