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John Metson

Dr. John Metson wasn’t happy with the original name. The Inner City Christian Mission—”it reminded me of the paternalistic old missionaries”—was completely wrong for a centre seeking to change the way the church functioned in the inner city. Metson wasn’t saving souls as much as working with others to help save the community. There was blockbusting going on all around—”I called it the rape of the community”—and Metson formed the first citizens committee of any kind in the area to fight it.

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CRC Fresh Food Market and Fresh Food Delivery

What started in 1999 as a $1-a-month members food co-op has grown into a group delivering economical, fresh produce year-round to agencies with food programs in the Regent Park area as well as running a busy outdoor market every Wednesday from April till the snow flies.

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Michael Blair

Michael Blair had recently lost his position as a congregational minister for coming out as a gay man when he arrived at CRC. He saw what they were doing in Regent Park. “I started to get excited. They were intentionally empowering people affected by circumstances. They weren’t doing stuff for people, but with people, making sure the people in the community were engaged.”

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Regent Park Women & Families

Your people — the ones who love you, accept you, understand you — are half a world away. And you are here, in this chilled country where people speak a language you worry you will never master. Later, you find a job and others who’ve experienced what you’ve been through but you never forget the isolation and loneliness you felt.

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