Community Enterprises

CRC’s Community Enterprises is an innovative approach to the creation, support and success of community-based social enterprises in Regent Park.

It is a low-cost business accelerator, increasing the probability of success for new enterprises with the involvement of community members in a way that has a positive social outcome for the community.

It brings together the human assets of the community, the logistical support of the CRC, and the expertise, ideas, and hands-on experience of volunteers who have been successful entrepreneurs.

New businesses looking for help?

Community Enterprises provides a unique neighbourhood venue for new or fledgling businesses or creative business ideas to be incubated so they gain a stable footing with the logistical and business advisory support they need to be successful.

Unlike other community-based approaches, Community Enterprises focuses its resources and support over time. This is particularly critical where an entrepreneur may not have access to sufficient start-up capital and well-developed business and social networks.

Community Enterprises is focused on businesses that are situated within the Regent Park neighbourhood to support social enterprises that contribute to the economic and social welfare of all residents. This contribution can come in the form of direct employment and/or the delivery of needed services in the community.

Community Enterprises’ biggest need is dedicated volunteers, with a strong entrepreneurial background, who can generously give of their time to help coach and incubate new businesses in Regent Park.

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Those interested in volunteering with Community Enterprises are encouraged to contact us at volunteers@tcrc.ca.