Culinary Skills Training

Culinary Skills Training is CRC’s new pre-employment program, geared to low-income individuals in the Downtown East who wish to professionalize their skills to work in Toronto’s food industry.

Our programs include:

  • Sustainable Food Sector Training Program, in partnership with TESS, Dixon Hall and caterToronto
  • Caterer Enterprise Training
  • Safe Food Handlers Certification Training

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are able to pursue entry level jobs in a professional kitchen, further their catering business or work as vendors in the food service sector.

Culinary Skills Training programs offer:

  • Supportive business-skills programming, including: ESL, Kitchen Math (scaling up recipes for large meal service), invoicing, budgeting, time management and computer literacy.
  • Culinary training that focuses on kitchen and food safety, including: knife skills, cooking techniques and terminology, menu planning, baking, breadmaking and pastry, presentation and food styling, kitchen culture and kitchen hierarchy.
  • Information about Ontario Labour Laws and employee rights, and how individuals can search for jobs in the culinary industry.
  • Safe Food Handlers Certification Training

Our curriculum was developed throughout 2017, with three pilot cohorts.

  • A youth-focused pre-employment group, in partnership with the Regent Park Youth Council, ran over eight weeks in January – February 2018.
  • A Caterer Enterprise Training group, through a partnership with catertoronto and Yonge Street Mission’s Women’s Development Network, ran in spring 2018. Our newest cohorts ran in fall 2018 and spring 2019.
  • A new group, Vendors 101, was developed and ran as a pilot over spring 2019, to support local food vendors take their products to market.
  • Our Sustainable Food Sector Training Program, available to individuals on Ontario Works, is in partnership with caterToronto, Dixon Hall and TESS (Toronto Employment and Social Services) is currently running. The teaching portion of the program was completed in September 2018, with 15 participants. We are now working with our partners to help our graduates find employment.
  • Each summer, several graduates from our Caterer Enterprise Training group are hired as Community Caterers for Taste of Regent Park.
  • Several rounds of Safe Food Handlers Certification have taken place, training 55 adults and 10 youth.

For information about our Caterer Enterprise Training, contact Cavell Hart at CRC at 416-363-4234 ext 237

For information about Sustainable Food Sector Training Program, contact Mat Savulescu, Dixon Hall at 416-863-0499 ext 2089

To participate in Safe Food Handlers Certification Training, contact Mark Woodnutt at 416-363-4234 ext 240

Catered Meal 3

Caterer Enterprise Training participants prepare the Community Catered Meal at Taste of Regent Park in July 2018