Community Worship

Community WorshipEvery Friday at 12:30pm, after having enjoyed a delicious and nutritious meal, all are invited to our community worship service for spiritual renewal and uplifting music, and to support each other and engage in lively discussions.

People gather in our worship space in-the-round that features beautiful lighting and an aesthetically pleasing setting, greatly enhancing an already meaningful and lively worshiping community.

Community WorshipWorship at CRC has its beginnings in the early 1980’s, when CRC agreed to provide support for the remnant of the Regent Park United Church congregation (now defunct since 2012). The Common Lectionary is at the core of the service which is informal in its set-up and encourages input from all who attend.

Today, Community Worship is led by the Regent Park Community Ministry, a project of the United Church that is actively exploring ways that the church can be present in the newly burgeoning neighbourhoods west of the Don River.

For information please contact:

Kevin Moore
Regent Park Community Ministry