Housing Supports

CRC’s Housing Supports assists people who are homeless, marginally housed or living with complex needs. Services include housing access, housing applications, information and referrals, eviction prevention, housing stabilization, and outreach/liaison with landlords.

We help people find and maintain safe, adequate, affordable housing and build relationships between landlords and tenants by:

  • assisting individuals homeless or precariously housed access housing through applications and referrals,
  • helping people secure housing,
  • advocating with landlords to establish a working relationship,
  • supporting tenants to achieve stability in their housing, and
  • responding proactively to prevent evictions of tenants.

If someone has a housing need, we will first assess their needs and circumstances. We then work with them to look for what housing may be available and suitable. As safe affordable housing in Toronto is scarce, it can be difficult to find housing.

We strive to let people know about all the housing they can apply for and to point out options to consider, such as distance from needed services or landlords who may not be covered by the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA). We encourage participants to be active in the process and we advocate on their behalf if necessary.

After securing housing we do follow-up to ensure one’s housing needs are met. When needed, with consent, we will also meet with landlords to help address any issues. As time and desire permits, we also assist with income sources (i.e. OW, ODSP, OAS, etc.), accessing furniture, and identification.

Other supports or resources we might point participants to include: tax clinics, drop-ins, food banks, educational or employment opportunities, amongst a host of others.

If we cannot serve someone directly, we will refer them to the appropriate services that match their needs.

To start work with a Housing worker, come to the Housing Intake Drop-In.

Housing Intake Drop-In Times:
Tuesday 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Thursday 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.

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For information please contact:

Edwin Huang
Housing Support Worker
416-363-4234 ext. 229

Helen Lee
Housing Support Worker
416-363-4234 ext. 224