Shared Housing

CRC operates a licensed rooming house in a multi-level 10 unit house in Riverdale. As is typical in most licensed rooming houses, in our house tenants have their own locked room and share common spaces like kitchen, bathroom, and laundry facilities.

Tenants are encouraged to have a sense of ownership of the house by sharing in the upkeep, inside and out. There are regular house meetings where they can voice their concerns and give feedback to our housing team. We also invite our tenants to participate in our many programs offered at CRC. Our Housing Support workers also provide support to our tenants to help meet self-identified goals and provide referrals to other agencies.

For many years, CRC operated a transitional housing program also known as the Step Up Program. This program provided transitional housing to people seeking short term housing while working towards various goals. We have elimanted the transitional housing program from our housing services. Our housing support workers continue to work with all tenants in helping them achieve their goals.


For information please contact:

Darryl Spencer
Housing Services & Drop-in Manager
416-363-4234 ext 222