Community Advocacy

The Community Advocacy Program at the CRC Regent Park Community Food Centre consists of the Community Action Training, the Peer Advocacy Office, and participating together in social justice activities.

Community Action Training

The Community Action Training supports Regent Park residents to become more effective advocates for themselves and for the community. Through workshops and discussions, participants identify root causes of poverty and inequality and gain valuable skills such as storytelling, conflict resolution, community safety, and information about community resources. They use these skills and information to seek change that makes their lives better.

Community Advocates

Successful graduates of the training are eligible to apply to become Community Advocates through our Advocacy Office and provide one-on-one peer assistance to community members who need support and information about a variety of issues such as income supports, housing, or legal services.

* Please note that Community Advocates are not lawyers and therefore are not qualified to give legal advice, but will be happy to connect you with the appropriate resources.

Community Advocacy Office Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:00am – 1:00pm

Ask an Advocate Table:

Keep an eye out for the Advocate’s Table in the CRC drop-in space to get help information and resources when the office is closed.

Participating in Social Justice Activities

Participating together in social justice activities provides opportunities for neighbours to contribute to social change on issues that matter to them such as poverty reduction and affordable housing. Check out the monthly CRC-RPCFC Calendar for a schedule of Social Justice activities.

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Supporting Advocacy in the Community 

For information about any of our Community Advocacy Programs, please contact:

Maseeda Majeed
Community Advocacy Coordinator
416-363-4234, ext. 274