Food Skills

Community Kitchens

The Regent Park Community Food Centre offers a series of community kitchen programs that bring together community members to learn basic cooking skills, nutrition, and healthy food choices, as well as having a chance to sit down together to enjoy a meal and meet new people.

Seniors Community KitchenA variety of kitchen programs meet once a week for a ten week program.

Current Community Kitchens:

Cook ahead – A program open to anyone is a program that makes big batches of recipes to freeze or eat throughout the week. This 12 week program will cook a variety of foods from chili, to tamales, to shakshuka. This program will also have a focus on meal planning.

Breakfast Club – Our breakfast club is a program for participants to cook a delicious, healthy breakfast options while providing a safe place to experiment with new foods.

Pedal Powered Bike Building Community Kitchen – This program partners with Charlies Free Wheels, a program based in downtown Toronto that teaches bicycle mechanics to youth. This program will invite Regent Park youth the build a pedal powered blender while cooking healthy foods!

Eat Up Meet UpRyerson University Students have been running a community kitchen twice a month for the fall and winter semester. These kitchens create delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Peer to Peer Kitchen – Expert cooks from the community will learn how to facilitate community kitchens to share their knowledge and culture with other.

Past Community Kitchens:

When I Grow Up – A community kitchen for children that will invite others who work in the food sector to talk about their careers.

Healthy New Snacks – A community kitchen to make healthy snacks for all CRC programming.

Food Fit – A community kitchen to bring community members together while developing healthy habits, specifically learning about nutrition, engaging in exercise, and cooking a healthy meal.

Kids kitchen – Once a week kids ages 7-12 come together to learn about healthy food and cooking skills.

Diabetic Community kitchens – Monthly community kitchens run in partnership with the Regent Park Community Health Centre dietitians. Making healthy food and answering your questions about diabetes

Family Suppers – healthy dinners prepared with community volunteers.

Developing Kitchen Skills – A four week community kitchen focused on developing safe kitchen skills.

Seniors Community Kitchen – An opportunity for seniors to come together, share recipes, and learn about nutrition.

Women’s Health Community Kitchen  – A four week community kitchen focusing on health issues that affect women in the community.

Youth Community Kitchen – In partnership with Egale – A youth community kitchen, cooking a delicious meal and sharing it while attending workshops that relate to youth needs.

Skill Building Workshops

The Regent Park Community Food Centre offers one time workshops for community members to develop a specific skill. In the past, workshops have included:

  • Learning how to make bread from scratch,
  • Making canned preserves and jams,
  • Baking seasonal cookies, pastries, and chocolates,
  • Creating a soup or a stew from easily accessible ingredients.

Food Demonstrations

Food Demonstrations are an opportunity to engage drop in participants in new, healthy, and flavourful dishes. A short demonstration featuring the food of the month will be cooked in the drop in and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and sample the dish created. For more info on the food of the month, check out our event calendar!

Partner Organizations

The following organizations host their own community kitchen programming in the 40 Oaks kitchen space:

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For more information or to sign up for a Food Skills workshop, please contact:

Emma Palumbo
Food Skills Coordinator
416-363-4234 ext 241