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If you have any questions, or are interested in participating in the market (caterer, vendor, artist, performer) please contact us at

What is Taste of Regent Park?

Taste of Regent Park is a family-friendly festival that animates our community’s namesake green space, also known as “Big Park,” with a celebration of food and culture. Held on Wednesday evenings through the summer, Taste of Regent Park features an affordable produce market providing access to local, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, along with staples like artisan bread. A pay-what-you-can community meal is cooked each week by different caterers through our Culinary Training Program, and our woodfire Bake Oven in the park serves up delicious, fresh-baked snacks. Small-scale local vendors and organizational partners round out the event with food, clothing, arts and crafts, kids’ activities, music, dance, workshops, performances, and much more!

As one participant said, the festival is “so positive – children, families, friends building a strong community; seeing the same faces, learning about different cultures, eating amazing food!”

What’s On 

Produce MarketProduce Market – Local fruits and vegetables, fresh and directly from Ontario farms, are available at affordable prices each week. Seasonal fruit and vegetables include strawberries, raspberries, cherries, peas, beans, peaches, corn, kale, spinach, onions, garlic and more, change weekly, depending on availability.

Community Meal – Community cooks from a diversity of cultures prepare a fulsome and healthy meal each week. Meals are offered on a pay-what-you-can basis, with a suggested donation of $4. Proceeds help cover operating costs of Taste or Regent Park and benefit CRC|Regent Park Community Food Centre’s ongoing work in support of local caterers.

Woodfire Bake Oven – Community volunteers are trained in operating the outdoor woodfire Bake Oven in the middle of “Big Park” and use it to make fresh-baked goodies. The oven is run in cooperation with Friends of Regent Park, a volunteer group of residents in the community. To learn more about Bake Oven Animator Training contact

Local Vendors – Small-scale vendors sell a variety of wares, from ethnic foods and snacks to jewelry, clothing, and crafts.

Artists and Performers – A wide range of artists perform at the festival. Local musicians and young artists play everything from jazz to country music to reggae. Resident groups showcase traditional world dances, hip-hop, Bollywood dancing, Salsa, and more. From circus performers care of Regent Park’s Square Circles to DJs, rappers and drummers, there’s no shortage of fun in the park!

ToRP HennaActivities – Games, face painting and other children’s activities are staples at the festival, but partnerships with many fantastic organizations ensure there is something for the inquisitive adult, too! Come enjoy a smoothie prepared by Charlie’s Free Wheels’ Bicycle Blender, or learn the basics of bike repair from Regent Wheels. SciCommTo is joining us this year to lead a fun, yet educational, “Science of the Circus” workshop Not Far from the Tree will join us to instruct on the art of cidermaking. Don’t miss out!

Our Impact Goals

Mission: The CRC provides innovative solutions which help residents of Regent Park and the surrounding neighbourhoods enrich community well-being, improve economic conditions, realize their potential and direct their lives. We prioritize our efforts toward individuals and families facing barriers (e.g., caused by poverty, inequity, discrimination).

Stimulate social engagement and increase safety in Toronto’s Downtown East: To provide a safe, welcoming space where diverse people come together, meet their neighbours, get to know their community and experience new foods, activities, and cultures – and have fun together. Social inclusion across the economic divide is a significant aim of the Regent Park revitalization and Taste of Regent Park is one of the few initiatives that successfully achieves that key goal

Increase good food access: To increase access to fresh, deeply affordable, and locally-grown produce – things that residents can’t always find at affordable prices in grocery stores, such as fresh-picked Ontario strawberries.

Foster local employment and training opportunities: To provide a venue for local vendors, caterers and artists to market and sell their goods. The pay-what-you-can Community Meals are prepared by residents who are professionalizing their culinary skills as part of CRC’s Food Skills programming.

Get Involved

You can participate in three main ways:Produce Market - Bread

Animate the park. We invite local residents and community groups to come animate the park with us, showcasing the many talents, skills, and strengths of the Regent Park community. If you are a painter, come sell painting. If you make balloon animals, come do that. If you’re a dancer, come do a workshop. The possibilities are endless.

Volunteer. Taste of Regent Park is reliant on volunteers to help set up, take down, serve meals, sell produce, and more.  It’s energetic, fun and public-facing – the perfect setting for corporate groups, small groups of friends, youth, or individuals to contribute to the good of the community.

Attend the event!  Just bring yourself, your family, and your friends. Come enjoy and appreciate what Regent Park has to offer. Every purchase that you make, whether it’s from local vendors or the Community Meal, benefits the community.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, or are interested in participating in the market (caterer, vendor, artist, performer, etc), please contact us at

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