40 Oaks – The Building

40 Oaks is an innovative project of the CRC and our largest project to date. It consists of 87 units of affordable, safe housing, and a 5,000 square foot community hub where people can gather, develop, and participate in activities geared to their needs.

Our first tenants moved into the residential portion of building in January 2012, and by March 1, 2012, our programs began operating in the community hub on the first floor.

The community hub inside 40 Oaks is a flexible space featuring the Rogers Family Room, Sprott Foundation Kitchen, RBC Foundation Community Service Area, and Clark Room as well as programing and worship space.

During the day, CRC hosts a meal program as well a community living room – a place where all members of the community can gather, whether it’s dropping by for a cup of coffee or having an impromptu meeting. Workshops, classes, and meetings take place in our program rooms throughout the day, and a quiet worship space is home to a weekly gathering.

exterior of building

40 Oaks is environmentally friendly designed, developed to meet the City’s Green Development Standards to a level equal to a LEED Silver.

Public Room

The Rogers Family Room

Meeting room

The Clark Room

worship space

Worship Space

A lush food garden is located at the western front of the building, creating a place where fresh fruits and vegetables can be grown, harvested and used by individuals and by our community meal program. On the eastern front of the building, a reflective Peace Garden stands as a reminder of loved ones lost as well as provide a place where we can collectively come to dream of a new and brighter future for our community.

The CRC has an on-going commitment to build partnerships and work collaboratively with partner agencies.

To that end, we have worked to ensure the development of a Community Hub in 40 Oaks, where other agencies have joined us to expand the overall services at CRC at 40 Oaks. These include Toronto Native Urban Ministries and the Regent Park Community Ministry.

Historically CRC has been the home for emerging enterprises and programs and have provided an incubation space for many that have gone on to independence. The Hub is an expansion of this model and a continuation of this history and a warm and inviting environment for all people, where all residents of Regent Park can create vibrant connections.