Chuck Grimbleby

This man knows his way around town. “He knows every corner in the city,” says staffer Bob Jackson. “He can get from here to Metro Hall in minutes, even with all the traffic.”

Chuck Grimbleby shrugs. “You never take Richmond, that’s all. Always crowded in the morning. Take Queen or King.” The CRC’s 15-year volunteer driver is behind the wheel of the dark grey 1994 Cargo van most weekday mornings. Wednesdays he goes at 7 a.m. to the Ontario Food Terminal for the CRC Fresh Food Delivery and then on to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

In between he can be heading up to City Hall to deliver an important letter or application form, but usually he’s driving furniture to people moving into new housing. He’s hauled everything from futons to TVs from the CRC right to their front doors. “It’s a real moving day for these people when Chuck arrives,” says Simone McLaughlin, CRC’s resource coordinator.

When he needed a place, Grimbleby moved into one of CRC Self-Help’s rooming houses and stayed for seven years. He has his own place in social housing now but he never forgets that CRC helped him. “I show up to help every day. If I don’t drive, I help in the kitchen. I like to give a hand.”