Living Our Mission


Building Lives. Creating Community. Together.


CRC is a welcoming place where people work together effectively to meet their basic needs, achieve personal growth and help create an inclusive and cohesive community.


We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. This means that we welcome, value and respect everyone.

CRC has been building lives, creating community, together since 1964, developing dozens of programs responding to the needs and energies of the residents of the community.

In light of the redevelopment of Regent Park, CRC recommitted itself to staying in the community not only to assist the residents with the difficult process of temporarily relocating, and then moving back into the transformed community, but also to add to the social housing stock.

CRC underwent a strategic review and came up with a new Strategic Blueprint. Its vision aligns with the Social Development Plan for Regent Park, which focuses on the twin priorities of social inclusion and social cohesion. CRC has decided to focus its energies to help bring together the existing residents and the new residents, and to continue our work with those experiencing homelessness.