Our Partners

CRC is a partner with Community Food Centres Canada around the Regent Park Community Food Centre at CRC. The Community Food Centre provides a welcoming space where people come together to grow, cook, share, and advocate for good food.

CRC is a partner with Houselink Community Homes, contracting with them to manage CRC’s apartment units that make up the 40 Oaks Housing Community, as well as the rest of our facilities at 40 Oak Street.

CRC is grateful for the ongoing support, financial and otherwise, offered by our many friends within the United Church of Canada family. They include:

CRC we recognizes the importance of developing and maintaining strong partnerships with other social service organizations and partners in assisting us in providing our innovative programs. They include:

In addition to the services we offer, CRC also believing in engaging with our community so that those experiencing poverty can find and express their voice and live lives with more dignity. When helpful we work with like-minded groups. They include: